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    3kw automatic selective coating machine

    Product features

    ▲ The X-Y-Z-U four-axis movement and whole-piece welding of reinforced rack ensure stable high-speed operation;

    ▲ The selective coating allows precise coating of selected zones;

    ▲ No uncoated area, with U axis capable of rotating 180 degrees in two directions, rubber valve turning 35 degrees to completely coat the whole workpiece;

    ▲ The X, Y and Z all have imported linear module and are driven by imported servo motor which provides high speed, stability and precise positioning and achieves high speed and precise coating;

    ▲ The Z axis is in combination with professional and precise coating valve to ensure uniform coating;

    ning and achieves high speed and precise coating;

    ▲ Equipped with online programming system to support coating paths including point, line, circle and zone, and allow coating on various PCBs;

    ▲ Appliable to PCBA surface coating, dam process, solder mask coating, and DIP components reinforcement;

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